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The Pastels & Tenniscoats – “Vivid Youth”

The coming months will see not one, but two new releases from Stephen Pastel and company. Let your inner pop geek rejoice.

Best of 2009 So Far (Take 2: Adam’s Picks)


Devon already weighed in with his favorites of the year so far. I considered being patient (we’re 2/3 of the way there – dammit!), but here’s my list anyway.

Image courtesy of freeloosedirt.

Ducktails – Landrunner

Not to be confused with Uncle Scrooge and his mischievous nephews, Ducktails chooses not to cut through the late summer haze but instead embrace it like a long and sweaty hug. Landscapes LP out now.


Best of 2009 So Far…

So 2009 is a little more than half-way over (and there was much rejoicing). Anyhow, with the year rapidly moving by, there existed a need to document the records that have been occupying my turntable and iPod like the Germans did France circa 1940 [too soon? No, it's never too soon!]. While I did go through the effort of culling the releases of the year into this list; the efforts required to actually reflect enough to number them was far too great only being this far into our orbit around the sun. However, I was willing to expend enough effort to dig around on the internet and find videos for all of the records – hooray. Without further ado, the list:

12 minutes – July 19th 2009

Bad habits are hard to break. In our case, we keep posting our Sunday night feature on Monday mornings. Luckily the beginning of the work week haze is perfectly suited for a nice time sink. Grab a cup of coffee, avoid your boss (you have a “work related” tab open in your browser -right?) and sit down with this week’s video picks.

Ponytail – Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)

We recently recieved a letter* from a reader asking if we could find a video that was guaranteed to give them a headache if not make them vomit all over themselves – I think we delivered. Plus Bikesnob NYC recently commented that this band is the Primal Jersey of the music world – while not exactly a compliment, I think it is important to maintain cultural relevance and link to BSNYC whenever possible.

*By letter, we mean that I could not come up with a more original way to introduce this video.

Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able (Live on Letterman)

Cass McCombs – You Saved My Life

This track sounds slowed down in a way that perfectly reflects a hot summer afternoon as Cass weaves his way through a crowded festival. This is what’s it like to “be somewhere” without really feeling any connection to your surroundings, kids.

Mr. T Experience – Ba Ba Ba Ba

Lately I’ve been revisiting my 15 year-old self’s love of bay area pop-punk. The Mr. T Experience always struck me as a cut above the rest. Their love-lorn lyrics were always a little more clever than the majority of their snotty counterparts. The band’s frontman later on went to prove me right, by writing the clever and quirky “coming of age” novel, King Dork. This track comes from my favorite MTX album, Love Is Dead.

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