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I’m trying to come clean here, so if you’re already a fan let me just say I have no excuse for missing Shut Up, Dude when it was first put out.  I have no idea why I avoided it, and if you think a little less of me I will understand.  Perhaps I should do some sort of musical penance being that I’m confessing here.  Maybe I should be forced to listen to the complete discographies of Nickelback and Creed in order to make up for this injustice.  And I would be willing to do that if it didn’t take away time I could spend listening to both Shut Up, Dude and the more recently released Sit Down, Man.

I’ve been through Shut Up, Dude now a few times and can’t wait to start digesting Sit Down, Man.  A lot of folks were drawn in by internet sensation “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”, but for my money I’d say check out “Ek Shaneesh” if you want a better idea of what these guys are capable of.  Playing on their decidely Middle Eastern look, the song is full of sitar and sterotypical chanting of sorts.  Don’t let that take your attention away from the rhymes that kick off by referencing Tony Bourdain and then begin to take on the vibe of an uncensored version of the globetrotting chef’s No Reservations episodes; by that I mean lots of boozing and smoking.

Look, long story short, check out the video below and score both of the aforementioned mixtapes for free, courtesy of the group’s website and Mishka.  Oh, and did I mention these guys have connects to Diplo?  Yeah, the man produced the track “You Can Sell Anything” for Das Racist.  So if I didn’t give you enough reason to check it out, a guy who is cooler than me and you, combined, thinks enough of these dudes.

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