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Friday Mix Tape (That’s an old timey phrase for “itunes playlist” kids.)

This is how music used to look.

I used to love making mix tapes and still love making mix CDs and playlists.  Whether its a road trip or, just as today, a way to avoid doing work, putting one together is one of my favorite past times.

Without further adieu, here’s a quick play list (and a brief explanation for each song) that is getting me through today and ready for the weekend:

  1. Black and Yellow – Wiz Khalifa – I live in Pittsburgh; this has become something of a rallying cry as of late.  That and it’s way better than the infernal “Here we go Steelers” song.  Also, Wiz is super laid back and keeps me from getting stabby at work.
  2. Monster – Kanye West – I cannot stop listening to this song.  Nicky Minaj’s verse alone is worth the price of admission.
  3. Howling for You – Black Keys – These sons of bitches are everywhere.  On SNL.  On the Colbert Report (fighting Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig).  On the soundtrack for video games.  On commercials.  Good thing the song is everything that this latest wave of blues rock should be.  Plus the Rock and Roll pt. 2 biting drum beat never fails to get the toes tapping.
  4. Get Off of my Cloud – The Rolling Stones – This might be my favorite Stones’ song.  It always puts me in a good mood.
  5. Don’t Let me Down – The Beatles – A lesser light, as far as the “hits” go.  This song makes me want to play music, or perhaps more accurately, be able to play music.
  6. Rotten Hell – Menomena – Starts off innocently enough and builds to a challenge to take it outside.  It’s basically a microcosm for my Friday. 
  7. Mysteries – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s a jangly, bouncy, perfectly crafted mess of a song.  It feels like something I should be listening to over cheap beer in a dimly lit bar in one of the city’s less desirable neighborhoods.  Then Karen O’s voice comes through and immediately everyone looks at me and gives the look of “you might want to leave before the end of the song.”  I no longer fit in, but this song shreds at the end, so it’s worth it.
  8. Walk in the Park – Beach House - This song is for later.  You know after the whole drinking cheap beer thing.  It’s mellow, somewhat contemplative and just generally soothing.
  9. Birth and Death of the Day – Explosions in the Sky - To prove that this list is not in chronological order, this is the perfect song for the start of my day.  As with a lot of their stuff it builds from next to nothing to quite the crescendo.  The rolling drums toward the end get me every time; why, I don’t know.
  10. Bodysnatchers – Radiohead – Gets me ready for my long cold walk after work.  That, and read’s article on easter eggs in famous albums here (Radiohead’s at #8).  Crazy, eh?

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I really love Wiz. My New England bred students even walk around singing “Black & Yellow” and are shocked to discover I know who he is.

Posted by Adam on 17 January 2011 @ 7am

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