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Dave Sitek joins Jane’s Addiction?

"You guys are cool with me wearing fish net to the photo shoot right?"

Jane’s Addiction has seen the departure of Eric Avery (yes again) and has enlisted Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio to join them as part of their “creative team” (Thanks Pitchfork and AV Club for the heads up).

Normally any Jane’s Addiction news may be glossed over, but there might be something to this.  Adding Sitek might actually bring Jane’s Addiction’s sound into this century.  On the other hand, Dave Navarro’s penchant for fish net tank tops and fingerless arm-length gloves seem poised to set these fellas back a bit with the kids.  That’s not to mention Perry Farrell appearing on E!’s show Married to Rock.

You know what, now that I’ve had time to digest this news, I’m reconsidering how helpful Dave Sitek might be to Jane’s sound and credibility.  Maybe you’re just better off listening to Sitek’s infinitely more interesting solo project, Maximum Balloon (video below).  Consider this paragraph null and void if Jane’s Addiction puts out an album that shames Ritual into lame older brother status.  In which case, you heard all about the new album here and I’m totally your new cool friend that re-exposed you to Jane’s Addiction.

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