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Obits – I Blame You

It goes something like this: Pitchfork  –> Drive Like Jehu –> Hot Snakes –> Obits. So has been the career trajectory of Eric “Rick” Froberg aka Rick Fork aka Rick Farr.  For the benefit of full disclosure, I listened to my copies of the Pitchfork, Jehu and Hot Snakes records ad nauseum, so there wasn’t […]

Weekly Round Up – June 6th 2009

Pitchfork produced a powder room performance of  players who procured payment to promote a  palliative for pillarists. 10 years after Napster, musicians are still getting screwed. Sonic Youth gets profiled in the Guardian and their latest album, The Eternal, is streaming in full at iLike. The A.V. Club writers list their Songs of Summer […]

Weekly Round Up – May 31st 2009

  Sorry we took a week off – I know you were all lost without our insight and guidance into the what’s happening in the world of music. Real life got in the way (kids, houses, graduating), but we promise not to let if happen again. Besides nothing all that cool happened then anyhow. So […]

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