Colour Me Impressed


Das Racist

I’m trying to come clean here, so if you’re already a fan let me just say I have no excuse for missing Shut Up, Dude when it was first put out.  I have no idea why I avoided it, and if you think a little less of me I will understand.  Perhaps I should do […]

Friday Mix Tape (That’s an old timey phrase for “itunes playlist” kids.)

I used to love making mix tapes and still love making mix CDs and playlists.  Whether its a road trip or, just as today, a way to avoid doing work, putting one together is one of my favorite past times. Without further adieu, here’s a quick play list (and a brief explanation for each song) […]

Dave Sitek joins Jane’s Addiction?

Jane’s Addiction has seen the departure of Eric Avery (yes again) and has enlisted Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio to join them as part of their “creative team” (Thanks Pitchfork and AV Club for the heads up). Normally any Jane’s Addiction news may be glossed over, but there might be something to this.  Adding Sitek […]

The Pastels & Tenniscoats – “Vivid Youth”

The coming months will see not one, but two new releases from Stephen Pastel and company. Let your inner pop geek rejoice.

Best of 2009 So Far (Take 2: Adam’s Picks)

Devon already weighed in with his favorites of the year so far. I considered being patient (we’re 2/3 of the way there – dammit!), but here’s my list anyway. Let’s Wrestle – In The Court of the Wrestling King The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – s/t The Drums – EP Cymbals Eat Guitars […]

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